Build A Summer House…

Build a Summer House… and live to enjoy the results!

We are Jim & Cindy. We had a dream to build a summer house. We fulfilled our dream and lived to tell about it! It was a three year project that lasted six years instead. But it was worth it! The deck looks out over a lake and we can finally sit and sip a glass of wine and enjoy it rather than gulping down a can of soda while wondering what the next step should be in our never-ending project.

This website is our give-back to all of those who offered ideas and encouragement to us along the way. We will share many of our experiences and things we learned along the way.  A summer house is a wonderful, rewarding result of hard work. Your summer home will give you plenty of stories and bragging rights to friends and neighbors. Whether you are looking to build a small casual summerhouse behind your main domain, a fishing cabin in the woods, or are considering building a showplace on the ocean for generations to come, hopefully you can benefit from some of our articles and tips.

Contact us or use the comments section below to let us know if you have any questions or want to share your experiences with others.

And mostly, enjoy your summer house whether it is in the planning stage, under construction, or if you’ve already built it!

— Jim & Cindy

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