How to Hook Up a Home Portable Generator

Posted on 4th November 2012 in Planning Your Summer Home

We live in New England and just went through a major storm so when I saw this guest article on portable generators come across my desk, I became very interested. Hopefully you won’t need a generator for as long as we used ours but it is a good idea to be prepared for that possibility. This article may give you some ideas for a generator for your summer house.

by Vincent Kiernan

Portable generators are efficient machines that are very important in our homes. This is because they save us from staying in the dark when the lights go out, and also ensure that we can still enjoy hot meals even when there is no electricity.

Portable Generators Uses

Portable generators therefore provide for various uses around the houses. This power is usually used by appliances such as the cookers that use electricity, televisions, radio and other electrical appliances. Therefore, whenever there is a power shortage, all one has to do is to start up the portable generator and in no time, the electrical appliances in the house will be working. They are very effective as one can carry a portable generator to provide lighting for them while they go out on for fun activities such as camping, hiking and picnics. They can also be used in activities such as extraction of minerals, in factories and in offices.

Another situation where one notices the importance of portable generators is when there is an urgent situation that needs power but there is a blackout. This could be if a close relative is in a critical condition and is relying on the power for their survival and then suddenly, there is a blackout. This is where a portable generator could save the day, as all you have to do is to fuel a portable diesel generator and get it working. However one must be careful while handling diesel to prevent accidents.

Generator Maintenance

Portable generators are important because if maintained well; they can serve for a very long time. Like other machines, all that one needs to do is to ensure that they are taken care of. It is important to note that portable generators are not to be kept in a damp area as this may reduce its efficiency. One must also be very careful and check on it every now and then to ensure that it is running well.

However, one has to ensure that the portable generator is placed in an area with enough air. This would be an area that has enough space, preferably a place that is not confined. This is because while operating the portable generator, there is need for enough fresh air so that it can function properly. This is one safety measure that is to be applied when dealing with a portable generator.

When the portable generators are running, they release a dangerous gas known as carbon-monoxide. This gas is deadly if inhaled by any human. Therefore it is wise to install devices that can detect the presence of the gas in case the gas finds its way into the house. One should also avoid plugging the generator together with the electrical devices found in the home as these may lead to short circuiting thus destroying the appliances.

The generator should also be insulated from any liquids. Being an electrical appliance, if it gets into contact with any liquid, it could blow up, destroying the portable generator for good. This may also lead to shock, in case a person handles it with wet hands. Therefore, one should be very careful when handling a portable generator.

It would therefore be okay to say that the portable generators are an important part of very many people’s lives. They have very many uses thus they should be a part of every household.

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