Tips On Building Garden Buildings

Posted on 29th September 2012 in About Summer Houses

Here’s a nice summary article by a guest author on building a summer house “in no time” (in my experience it takes a bit more time than that!). Enjoy it.
– Jim

by Alex Blaken

Need an extra room or a private office, garden buildings may provide that room for you. It’s an inexpensive way to add extra space in your backyard. They are fairly easy to build mostly because the instructions are provided to you and lots of the equipment comes with easy snaps. So with just a little knowledge of a working hammer your building will be done in no time.

The building parts are delivered to your door usually in a packed down flat project in a box. It does not come with insulation or any of the extras just the main parts of the house. Before beginning to build make sure you have all the parts that are needed. It would be an inconvenience to stop in the middle of the project. Also it’s good to plan for bad weather to possibly slow down your project.

Choose a spot in your backyard that is sturdy and leveled for your building. A concrete base can be used to make it strong and preventing damage to your building. Adding a waterproof base will ensure a well built frame and removing potential mold. The base will keep it sturdy.

Painting would be the next step to take before beginning your project. It’s good to paint everything before you start your leaving less work in the end. Separate each piece from each other to allow for it to fully dry undisturbed. This part may seem like the worst part because of all the parts that you would need to paint. Make sure to leave ample time for drying.

Waterproofing the shingles is the next step after painting. Taking care of the roof would prevent leaks and mold from appearing and expensive damage. It’s imperative to take special care of the roof by using a material that can assist in protection from rain. Before putting your roof on make sure that the shingles are fully covered with the substance and dry.

Your next step is finding out if you need internet and electricity. If this is acting as your office you may want to get a professional electrician to setup your electricity. Also check if your internet connection can extend your wireless connection if not you will need to look into getting a long Ethernet cord. Usually wireless is enough and can be extended.

Lastly once you’re done with the building you may want to insulate the walls. This will keep the electric bill down. The insulation also keeps it warm or cooler longer. Make sure to use a foil backed high density foam and not a cheap version. This can cause major problems with your walls.

In the end you can have a project finished within a week, weather permitted, and costs less than a junk car. Forget about adding on space, having to knock down walls in your house. If you have space in your backyard it is much easier to build garden buildings then to add on to your existing house. In not time you will have a building that fits your budget and your backyard.

A note from the Author:

A well planned landscape design requires attractive garden buildings for tool storage and plant supplies. Many homeowners create functional garden offices as private work space.

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What is a Summer House?

Posted on 19th November 2011 in About Summer Houses

Waiting for the summer houseA summer house or summer home is just what it seems — it is a house that is occupied in the summer months. It is the place we long for all winter. It is typically a vacation house but many people stay long enough to consider it their second home. It can be a cottage or, in our case, a log cabin, a trailer/camper, or a rustic shelter. Or of course it can be grandeous living quarters like these summer houses from House Beautiful magazine. Frequently people even find a hunting or fishing lodge serves well as a summer house.

A summer house can be in the woods, on a lake, on a beach, or even in the midst a bustling metro area — just as long as it can serve as a place to get away from the rigors of everyday life. Some even build a small structure like a gazebo in the back yard and consider that a summer house that they can enjoy when the weather warms up.

A summer house can be a rental but, of course since this website is mostly articles focused on how to build a summer house, that is our favorite way to have a summer home! But whether you build your own summer house or enjoy a rental or even a timeshare, summer abodes are a wonderful means for looking forward to the warmer weather.

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