Where to Build Your Summer Cottage

Posted on 29th September 2014 in Planning Your Summer Home

Get away from it all with a quaint summer cottage that’s all your own. These special spaces are designed for relaxation, recreation and family time, but where it’s located can make all the difference. We’ve compiled this list of some of our favorite summer cottage location ideas that will no doubt inspire you as you plan to build your very own.

The Lake House

Pack up your bicycles, jet skis and fishing gear for a week on the lake. A summer cottage at the lake could have a number of different designs, but many properties take advantage of the view and possible activities. A screened-in porch and separate entry for busy recreational enthusiasts are perfect to keep the family flowing through the cottage without tracking in mud during tea time. Two-story cottages allow you to feast your eyes on the view from way above the shoreline. Consider including a stunning screened-in porch in your summer cottage design so you can enjoy the outdoors without having to worry about bugs.

Rustic Exterior by Norwich Architects & Building Designers Smith & Vansant Architects PC


Decked Out on the Bay

If water access is your goal, summer cottages directly at the water’s edge are prime real estate. Install a walkway deck that wraps around the cottage — it’ll also be perfect for storing small vessels or simply jumping into the water. Add a few lounge chairs along the deck to soak in the sun as friends and family take off on kayaks and paddleboats. The entire family won’t want to leave this water paradise for a long time.

Rustic Exterior by Los Angeles Design-Build Firms KellyBaron


A Forest View

Take an alternative view of the world by venturing up into the mountains. Building a charming cottage hidden amongst the forest where stones and trees surround the property as lifelong sentries is the perfect idea for nature lovers and people who want to have a feeling of getting away from it all. Explore the flora and fauna outside the cottage while enjoying a fire in the fireplace during indoor nighttime activities. Although you may believe most forest homes are essentially log types, there are other architectural styles with modern amenities for the busy family.

Escaping the Everyday

Summer cottages aren’t just reserved for June, July and August. Expand your vacation prospects and build your cottage in the desert, where you’ll be able to enjoy it in the spring, fall, and winter. Desert summer cottages are typically ranch-style homes, taking advantage of the one-floor structure to keep the rooms cool. Enjoy biking, hiking, golfing and many other aspects of desert life when the temperatures are much cooler. It may be a smart idea to include storage for sports and bike equipment in or outside your cottage.

Wraparound Views

Even a simple summer cottage in a meadow region has its perks for families and friends. The wide open space allows the property to expand into bigger rooms and deck areas. Wraparound decks are common for big properties, allowing everyone to sit out on the porch and enjoy the nature around them. Chairs, loungers and tables are often set out for everyone’s enjoyment. Set up some food and drinks to make the afternoon a highlight of the vacation.

Beach Style Exterior by Charlestown Design-Build Firms Natale Design/Build


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